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Acquah’s Boat Hooks are one of most essential pieces of equipment for boating safety.
This versatile tool makes it effortless in docking and launching your boat, mooring a vessel, and dredging, and also acts as a universal retrieval device for both marine and residential areas.  What are the Advantages? >

Benefits of a Boat Hook:
•  Every boat hook is galvanized for a clear finish to prevent rusting
•  Spherical beads that aids in pushing, pulling & retrieval without slippage
•  The wide U-shape aids in retrieving wires, ropes and cables of all sizes
•  The back planar push rod aids in pushing nets, ropes & boats away
•  They are non-bendable for sturdy handling
•  The push rod is set at a 45 degree angle for easier management
•  Large size retains heavy ropes, nets, wires and boats without slippage
•  All boat hooks float
#1 Marine Boat Hooks at Wholesale Prices!
"Try it yourself and get the best out of work."

Residential Boat Hooks
Our boat hooks also work as a residential tool that...
Retrieves Branches, Hot Electrical Wires, Small To
Large Boats, Underwater Objects and Cleats,
Maneuvers Logs And Rafts, Catches Buoys,
Cleans Debris in the Waters.
5' Boat Hook     $29.99
6' Boat Hook     $36.99
7' Boat Hook     $49.99
8' Boat Hook     $54.99
Boat Hooks
Our residential boat hooks size
5' and 8' works great at home!
Some of the industries and clients that we work with are government, dredgers, construction, earth conservations, navy, marine, army, etc.
Patent # 8544916
Acquah Boat Hooks
  6' Boat Hook
  7' Boat Hook
  8' Boat Hook
  9' Boat Hook
10' Boat Hook
12' Boat Hook
14' Boat Hook
15' Boat Hook
16' Boat Hook
$  36.99
$  49.99
$  54.99
$  56.70
$  59.98
$  74.99
Boat Hooks
Please Note:
Shipping rate: $185.00 for up to 300 lbs from 6'-12' and $245.00 for up to 300 lbs from 14'-16'
"Try it yourself and get the best out of work."
We now have boat hook fixtures for your storage rooms or warehouses. To learn more
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Please Note:
This area is for purchasing 3 or more pieces. If you would like to purchase less than 2 pieces please purchase from our Residential area.